The AD Cart Blog

The AD Cart Blog

Posted by Matthew on 2017 Apr 13th

AD Cart is Halifax’s Premier on-demand grocery delivery service. With over 35 years of customer’s service experience and over thirteen years in the consumer packaged goods industry, we offer a service unlike any other currently available in the Maritimes. This blog will be our platform for sharing news about our industry, exciting innovations with our service, our monthly promotions and also our thoughts on what we love and loath about all things groceries. We will focus this first post on how we came up with the concept for a delivery company

The idea for our company grew out of one simple question: How could we spend Saturday afternoons making memories with our kids rather than spending the time at food retailers crossing off our weekly grocery lists? With two working parents and two kids the weekend was the best time for us to spend time as a family. The unfortunate part was all of our shopping almost always had to happen on the weekend as well.

So we started looking online to see what kind of local companies were around that could meet our needs. We based it on very simple criteria. The service needed to:

  • Be reasonably priced based on how many items we were buying
  • Be readily available within a couple of hours
  • Offer versatility in allowing us to shop at any of the major stores we wanted
  • Be fast in a way that we could log in, order, and pay very quickly with minimal disruption
  • Offered weekly sales that we could review prior to placing our order
  • Allow us to use different methods of payment
  • Be a legitimate company that wouldn’t take our money and run

What we found was underwhelming. First of all there were only a few companies offering a delivery service at all. Of the five or six that we could find, only three had an actual website, and only one of those allowed us to see what we were ordering before we paid for it. This also made it difficult to order quickly as we either had to either communicate our order to a person over the phone which took a while or we would have to email it to them and that left a lot of room for error on the companies end with sizing and brands. We were never certain we would get the exact items we wanted. While some allowed us to shop at various outlets, they all charged an extra fee per stop. The most concerning piece was that none of the companies sent out weekly flyers. We would be prepared to buy some items if they were on sale rather than miss out on them by a week but we never knew what was on feature from week to week. The one thing that all companies offered was the ability to pay in different methods, however limited those options may have been.

What were we to do? The more we thought about it the more we realized that this service could work for anyone. Whether it were a senior with limited mobility or maybe someone fresh out of surgery confined to their home for weeks on end. The busy professionals who would rather be anywhere than in a grocery store shopping when they finally got some free time. A student with a busy class/ study/ work schedule. This service, if done correctly would appeal to almost any Haligonian and would surely appeal to most people in Atlantic Canada. Even those people who find shopping to be a social activity and would only use it in those most desperate moments of need when getting to a grocery store just wouldn’t be possible. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

That’s where the idea for Atlantic Delivery Cart (or more commonly known as AD Cart) came in. We send out our exclusive features weekly and give customers the ability to see exactly what it is they are ordering before scheduling a delivery at a time that works for them. We even went as far as creating a variety of membership options designed with our customers in mind to help save you time and money.

That being said, we don’t think we are perfect and we are always looking to improve on our services. If there is anything you’d like to see from us let us know. Send us an email, give us a call or post it to our social media pages. We love hearing from our customers and are always open to new ideas to help enhance the customers shopping experience.So go ahead, reach out to us and tell us how we can do a better job servicing you.Who knows maybe we will even give you a gift certificate just for commenting on our page.

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