About Us


AD Cart is Halifax's Premier on-demand grocery delivery service. Place your order now and receive it in less than three hours or whenever you'd like after that.

Do you wish you had more time to do something you love?

We started this business for that very reason. As a young family with a busy lifestyle, we found that the only time we got out to do our grocery shopping was on Saturday afternoons and you know what that meant. Getting the kids ready to leave the house was hard enough. We would drive to the store where, if we were lucky, it would take five minutes to find a parking spot. We’d try and run through the store as quickly as possible hopefully getting all the items we needed, with as little of the extra spending as possible on impulse buys. Then we would stand in line for ten minutes, unloading the cart, trying to pay for our groceries while keeping the kids from ripping open a chocolate bar or destroying a magazine. By the time we would get home and put everything away, two to three hours had passed and our Saturday afternoon had been wasted in the grocery store, and we had just enough time to get supper on before settling in for the night. That’s when we came up with AD Cart.

We are a three generation family based business with pride and passion for what we do. Our business in built on the idea that “we shop for you on our time, so you don’t have to."

Our customer service reps have been trained to pick and package your groceries with the same care that they would shop for their own families.

The process for ordering the groceries you want is quite simple.





We offer a service that is different than any other in Atlantic Canada. Having groceries delivered through our website is easy, affordable, and super convenient. We don’t charge for additional stops, we don’t require you to fill out any ugly forms, and we send out our weekly flyers to our members with sales exclusive to AD Cart.

We aim to help people from all walks of life. Maybe you’re a senior or someone who recently had surgery and find commuting to be a challenge. You could be a new mother, a young family, or anyone with limited time on their hands. Perhaps you’re a business professional with a busy schedule or maybe you just have no desire to go in to a grocery store. No matter what your situation is we have a plan to meet your needs.

So if any of this sounds appealing to you, sign up today. We deliver seven days a week and look forward to helping you feed your family.

From our family to yours, thank you for considering our service. We look forward to delivering to you and your loved ones soon.




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